Natural Peanut Butter by Smuckers

This is my peanut butter of choice. Has been for years ... pre-GDSYWP-free, even pre-Weight-Watchers. And now, I love it even more. You know what's in the ingredients? Peanuts and ... salt. That's it. Yup. Seriously. No oils, sugars, sweeteners, etc. Just plain 'ol nuts and salt. Can't get any simplier than that! It's so simply, wonderfully delicious!

Oh, and just a heads-up. If you haven't had an all-natural peanut butter before, when you open this jar, you'll see a huge pool of oil on top and then a peanut butter substance underneath. This is normal. Just shove a butter knife in there a few times, then start mixing and swirling around. The oil on top is the separated peanut oil from the solid peanut stuff. It will take a few minutes and some elbow grease at first, but this is a one-time thing. You shouldn't have too much mixing to do after that. The first time I saw this, I dumped the oil out and used the crumbly peanut-butter-like substance on the bottom. This is NOT good. Hahaha. It was NOT spreadable at all. So, learn from my mistake! Just mix it all up real good and you'll love it! :D




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