I'm a Quirky Eater

I'm a picky eater. There. I've said it. I embrace it ... sort of.

I mean aside from being GDSYWP-free, I pretty much always have been. I just didn't want to admit it. "But, I'll try anything once!," which was true, but that doesn't make me any less picky about my food! Of course, once I went GDSYWP-free, I guess I had to learn to embrace that I'm now not only picky, but VERY picky ... and difficult to feed ... for most processed-food-loving-Americans.

I'm a ... picky ... eater ... I've got to keep saying it to convince myself. I still don't want to believe it. Can I just say that I'm quirky when it comes to food? That sounds so much better than picky ... and sort of cute and enduring ... okay, that's it! I'm a quirky eater!

Okay, let's discuss it then, besides being GDSYWP-free, how else am I quirky? Well, I don't eat peas (gross!!) or bell peppers (sort of long story) except in very few and rare cases. I like black olives, but no other type of olive, and I do love olive oil. I love guacamole, but not if it has garlic in it, and I don't prefer it when it has tomatoes mixed in. I generally like bananas. Okay, I LOVE them on a banana-and-peanut-butter-sandwich (oh, that's heaven right there), I like to eat them for breakfast by themselves, and can handle them in banana bread (but still not a big fan), and HATE them mixed in a smoothie - I will not drink it! The banana flavor is just too powerful and I can't taste anything else in the smoothie except for the banana! I love egg whites, but only like egg yolks if they're running and I'm dipping my bacon/steak/etc or homefries/hashbrowns in them. I cannot stand them when they're solid ... unless they're in egg salad or deviled eggs ... see what I mean?! ;)

But the weirdest one? Okay, were' going to get personal here ... ready? Well, I have very specific rules about what foods can touch others ... I mean, some people don't like ANY food to touch, others don't mind one bit if everything touches ... I'm sort of in the middle. Like, potatoes (cooked any way) can touch anything, but gravy cannot. Gravy can touch potatoes and usually meat, but not veggies. Salads must be in a separate bowl so as not to get soggy or flavored from the other foods, and so the salad dressing doesn't get on the other foods. Beans and rice and touch, tacos/enchiladas and rice can touch ... tacos/enchiladas and beans can not touch! Eggs can touch meat and potatoes, but not other starches like grits, bread, waffles or pancakes ... ick. Syrup can touch waffles, pancakes and sometimes meat, but definitely NOT eggs. I know it all goes in the same place! But, it's all about flavors here, people! Really! I don't like the taste of egg with syrup, that's just gross. And who wants bean juice making their taco soggy? I don't! Yuck! Okay, all mixed food talk has me kinda grossed out ...

Please tell me that I'm not alone ... some of you out there have to be quirky eaters like me ... right?




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