Lemonaise by The Ojai Cook

I discovered this stuff while roaming around Whole Foods and decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did - this stuff is SO good!

I used it in my tuna salad instead of mixing my usual canola mayo/mustard/lemon juice/spices and it was delish! I also used it on a hamburger patty instead of my usual canola mayo & mustard and it was also yummy.

Let's put it this way, this stuff is so tasty that I may just toss the plain 'ol canola mayo and just use this in everything ... okay, I won't toss my perfectly good more-than-half-full canola mayo, but once it's used up, I don't think it'll need replacing!

They also make some other flavors and a tartar sauce - all of which I need to try! :D And, of course, I will report back once I do!



Anonymous said...

Wow...that sounds yummy!! Do you mind my asking how much the Lemonaise cost? I used Canola Mayo now too, but this sounds great!

Thanks! Kim

Clara said...

Hi Kim!

Yes, it is so yummy! It wasn't very expensive at all, comparable to what I pay for canola mayo. I think it was $3 or $4 for a 12 oz jar.


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