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I just have to say that I honestly love Chipotle. I know their food isn't really authentic Mexican, but when I'm in a hurry and in the mood for Mexican, Chipotle does hit the spot! And, I have to say that their website is pretty neat and contains lots of information on their food. I also love that their food is pretty basic. According to their website, "Our foods at Chipotle have no artificial colors or artificial flavorings." So, as long as you avoid the obvious (staying away from cheese, sour cream, flour tortillas and shredded pork), you should be set! If you're super sensitive, you may want to ask that the employees put on fresh gloves since they do handle the flour tortillas. There are only 2 things that I will note - 1) they use a small amount of bacon in their pinto beans, so I always get the black beans and 2) they use soybean oil in uh, everything - they claim that it is not indicated as an allergen. Me personally? If I have too much, I feel icky. But, I have had several large meals there without a problem.




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