The Best GDSYWP-free Bread. Ever.

Seriously. I mean it. I've made 5-10 loafs of bread since I went GDSYWP-free and all of them have either been gross or just ok. But not this one. This one is AMAZING!

Gluten-Free & Dairy Free Buckwheat Bread created by Mike over at the Gluten Free Blog.

I made just a few changes: It does call for soy milk, which I just replaced with Oat Milk (NOTE: the one I used is not labeled as gluten free, I have yet to find one that is, but I have not had an adverse reaction to it yet). I didn't have Glutinous Rice Flour, but read online that Sweet Rice Flour is a good replacement, so that's what I used. And finally, the recipe calls for Light Buckwheat Four, but all I had on-hand was regular Buckwheat Flour, so I just used it. I also didn't use the oven, but instead made the loaf in my bread machine and it came out a bit dense (as all breads in my bread machine seem to), but wonderfully neutral tasting - no icky rice-y flavor here! Hubby and I ate half the loaf as soon as it came out of the bread machine - happily burning our fingers and tongues! Next time I make it, I will try the oven and see if it comes out less dense.

I tried the bread with tuna salad, pesto sauce and then, a canola butter. It tasted best with that. The one I used, I found at Trader Joes (NOTE: The canola butter does have soy proteins in it and has a milk derivative of some sort, but I am trying it out to see what my reaction is - and I use very little of it).

If you do decide give this loaf a try, please be sure to leave a comment on their blog here and let them know how much you enjoyed it - I already did! :D




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