Fruit Leathers

One of my favorite products of all time is Fruit Leathers by the Stretch Island Fruit Company. My Hubby and I discovered these back n 2004 when I was on Weight Watchers before our wedding. They were low points and portable, which was all I needed to hear. Unlike most of our other Weight-Watchers-Friendly favorite foods, this one is still in our pantry. Fruit Leathers are not only healthy and portable, but quite tasty. Imagine a really thick, natural, yummy Fruit Roll-Up. And I do mean pretty darn natural, at least as prepackaged food goes. All they have in them is fruit puree and/or concentrate and some fruit flavoring ... that's it! Also, they last a really long time. I mean, they do get a bit stiffer and stickier with time (and heat), but munching on a couple sticky somewhat stiff fruit leathers is healthier than stopping at a fast food joint - and is tastier and food-intolerant-safer, too! I always keep a few in my safe-food drawer at work and usually a couple in my purse, too.

These babies come in 10 (yes, TEN) different flavors, are found at nearly any health food store (and some "normal" stores in the health food section), online at their website as well as, and I've even seem them at Costco from time-to-time.

If you should come across these, you should absolutely give them a try!




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