Another Constant: Cherry Essence Prunes by Sunsweet

I have never been a big dried fruit person, but since going GDSYWP-free, I have really been lacking in the fiber department. I knew that prunes had a decent amount of fiber, so I decided to try some. When I saw Cherry Essence Prunes by Sunsweet, I figured that I'd give them a try. Boy, am I glad that I did. Like I said, I've never had prunes before this, but had always heard that they were dry and tasted bad. Not with these! They are SO moist and really do taste like cherries! I enjoy munching on these as a part of my breakfast, as a mid-afternoon snack, even as my after-dinner dessert! I even have a very special use for them that I will share later in the week! I keep them in the house all the time. They actually refrigerate pretty well and last a while in there. As a bonus, I was able to find these at my local "regular" grocery store - that always makes life a bit easier.

So, there is no need to be afraid - give these prunes a try!




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