Chicken Pad Thai by Tandoor Chef

NOTE: This item is NOT Soy Free.
I make rare allowances for wheat-free soy sauce in my diet. As a part-Asian women who loves Asian food, it is nearly impossible to avoid soy sauce ALL the time as some foods are just not "right" without it (like sushi ... yum!), so to make it "safer" for myself, I stick with wheat-free brands and try to limit my intake as much as possible. And before you ask, yes, sometimes I do really pay for it!

I also feel that I must note that I am a half-Thai American. so, I have had A LOT of experience with Pad Thai from several different authentic sources. I myself have made this dish several times but the process is somewhat tedious (LOTS of prep-work) and I was hoping that "Tandoor Chef's" Chicken Pad Thai would be a quick lunch back-up for me. Unfortunately, I do not think that it will be able to serve this purpose.

Although this dish tasted ok, there were several key flaws with this product for me. 1) It totally missed the whole purpose of Pad Thai which is to be a mixture of sweet, salty, sour and tangy, 2) It was MUCH spicier than it needed to be and 3) It was MUCH oilier than it needed to be.

And actually, although I allowed for the wheat-free soy sauce in this case, true Pad Thai sauce does not require a single drop of soy sauce. And actually, real authentic Pad Thai is totally GDSYWP free with the exception of Tofu, which one can easily be leave out. All of the pre-made Pad Thai sauces that I found have had either soy sauce or soybean oil in them, but again, authentic Pad Thai sauce does not require this at all.

Anyway, like I said, this dish wasn't terrible, but to a person who has had MANY authentic versions of this dish, it really just missed the mark completely.

Do I have you now wondering what this wonderful dish *should* be like? Well, rather than explain all the ingredients and give you a recipe, I will point you to a lady who has already done so brilliantly. Why re-invent the wheel, right?

Please go to "Pad Thai for Beginners" by Chez Pim.

If you have access to the ingredients and the time to make it ,I would HIGHLY recommend it. It is one of the most popular Thai dishes and, when made correctly, is DELICIOUS!




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