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“Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of those pieces” ~Judith Viorst

This sure does take some strength - more than I have!! I am seriously addicted to chocolate. I need a piece (or 10! ;) ) at least once a day! I do have some days when I am able to fight it off, but most days I cannot. My Naturopath had originally listed it on my list foods that I was intolerant to. But, I tell ya, I only lasted like 5 or 6 months without it! I very well may be intolerant to it, (thus explaining my "need" to have it everyday) but I just cannot live without it! Those months without it were very hard! Since I don't really feel any affects on it, I have obviously let it back into my diet. I know that you don't have to feel affects for something to be affecting you, but I just couldn't do it! A life with no chocolate? Ack! I tell ya, it sure does take some strength to not eat more than I do!



Carrie said...

I SO AGREE! and I don't think i'm that strong! lol...


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