Non-Quote Tuesday

Yep. Sorry, no quote on this particular Tuesday.

Today, I'm going to share something much more personal, a bit scary but hopefully a bit exciting!

I am going to go to the University of Maryland Celiac Center today.

I am going to request that they will give me a Celiac genetic test. I know that it won't diagnoise me for sure as Celiac since I've already gone GF and can't have the blood test or biopsy, but it can rule out for sure if I don't have Celiac. You can read a bit more about it here.

I'm pretty emotional about it all. Like, on one hand, I KNOW that gluten is POISON to my body - I don't need medical confirmation of that - but, there are some benefits to having an official diagnosis:
1) I've been trying to get my family to get tested but they won't because they don't think there is a problem. If I test as carrying the Celiac gene, I hope that it will make them realize that it is imporant!
2) Kind of in-line with number 1, but I want to know how great the risks are of my future children having gluten intolerance. If I carry the Celiac gene, I know to get them checked as soon as I can, but if I don't, then I know just to be careful of and watch for gluten intolerance.
3)It would be nice to have a note of diagnosis to prove that I need my special food. Like, not to friends or anything like that, but more like to officials. Like, when I travel or go to a function that does not allow outside food brought in, I have read/heard that if you have a letter of diagnosis stating that you need special food, then you are sometimes allowed to bring food in. This would help immensely!
4) Just knowing what's going on with my body. Like, I know that gluten (among other things) hurt my body, but I sure would like to know why. I think it would help me just understand myself and my body a bit more.

I'll be meeting with Dr. Alessio Fasano, a doctor internationally recognized for his work with Celiac disease. I figure if anyone would be able to diagnose me with Celiac after over a year free of gluten, it would be him! So, here's hoping!

So, I'm not sure exactly what will happen or what I'll find out, but please cross your fingers for me, I need all the help that I can get! I know I'll be a wreck all day!

I'll be back soon to discuss the visit!



carrie said...

please come back soon Clara!! I MISS YOU!! This is a nice post BTW... and I like the color change you did on the blog! Very bright and vivid!! ;-)


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