Breakfast: Thai vs. Australian

Growing up with a Thai mother and an Australian step-father made meals at our house interesting. There was a large variety of different foods and actually. For dinner, one night we'd have stir fry and the next we'd have roast lamb and veggies. It was great. There was usually something different and new to look forward to. For breakfast, there was also a big difference.

Here is what one version of a traditional Thai breakfast looks like:

This is just a plain egg with white rice ... that was topped with just a couple splashes of fish sauce (start with 2 or 3, taste, and work your way up - this stuff is potent!). I know that this might sound strong and salty and unappealing to some of you - but it's not! I promise. Don't believe me? Ginger Lemon Girl tried it and liked it!! ;) It's so simple, so naturally GDSYWP-free, and so delicious. Something about the rich egg yolk with the salty fish sauce is just heavenly and comforting. There are two tricks - 1) The egg must be over easy - you want to try to get a really crispy egg white and yet keep a runny egg yolk and 2) Your fish sauce must be fresh. If it's a translucent light brown color (sort of like tea) with a light fishy odor, then you're good. If it's dark brown or even black and very strong smelling - toss it now!!! It's old and yucky.

And here is one version of an Australian Breakfast:

Just a bit more food than the Thai breakfast, huh? :) This is just fried eggs over toasted bread with bacon, baked beans and grilled (well, mine were fried) tomatoes on the side. With one change, this is easily gluten free, and with a few other tweaks, it's pork free! To make this gluten free, just use gluten free bread and to make pork free, use turkey or beef bacon and use vegetarian baked beans (these are my favorite). What I love about this is the mixture of the rich yolk with the sweet baked beans and the crunch of the toast and then a few salty meaty bites of bacon. I actually usually forgo the tomatoes, but thought I'd include it here to be true-to-the-food.

I know that for some of you, these dishes might be stepping out of your comfort zone, but trust me, it's worth it! They're pretty quick, tasty, and with just a few minor tweaks, GDSYWP-free - what more could you ask for? :)



Carrie @ said...

YUM!! So agree chic! The Thai breakfast is one of my absolute fav's now and I might just make it today! yum!! Will post some link love later today!! ;-)

Anonymous said...


If you want to make your Aussie breaky truly pork free, use an Aussie sausage in lieu of the bacon. Aussie sausages are beef based with lots of great spice fillers, might want to check out what breadcrumbs were used though. Cook them in a pan or on a grill, and when almost done slice them down the centre, lengthwise, a minute or two on each side more and they'll be done to perfection. Add some worchestershire sauce instead of that horrible American habit of "ketscuping everything to death" and Bob's your uncle, or as us Aussies say "she'll be sweet".

Clara said...


I agree with the beef sausage. But beef sausage is no where to be found around here - Americans are very pro-pork when it comes to breakfast meats! I can find turkey or chicken sausage from time to time and I can find turkey and beef bacon fairly easily.

I also agree with you on the worcestershire sauce - I am not a big ketchup (or "tomato sauce" ;) ) fan. Sometimes on fries ("chips"!) but that's about it.

Oh well, no worries!

Kim said...

Thanks for the tip about the color of the fish sauce. I had a teeny bit left and was going to try this but realized it was really dark and yup, really fishy smelling. So glad I didn't eat that! ick.


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