Kettle Chips - Sea Salt & Vinegar

Kettle Chips - Sea Salt & Vinegar

Finally! A salt & vinegar chip that I can have!! My favorite chips ever used to be these, but they had gluten and dairy in them. Phooey! Then, when I looked at other brands, they all had gluten, dairy or yeast in them! It's been a year without my beloved salty, tart and tangy chips, but they're back now, baby! :) These are super crunchy too, since they're kettle cooked. Double Yum!



Carrie said...

that is my FAVORITE flavor of chip woman!!! YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

Kettle Chips are no longer being labeled gluten-free, as they are cross-contaminated. The manufacture will confirm that they are made in facility with chips that have wheat products. The chip's ingredients "read clean," but they make me itch like crazy. Check out other info online, or be glutened.


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