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"There's lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven't the time to enjoy it." ~Josh Billings

true is this? I can relate to this quote in such a strong way! Here's a story for you:

Last Tuesday, I was very, very naughty. I had not one, but two McDonalds Hashbrowns. They are my weakness. Crunchy on the outside, soft, warm and melty on the inside. I stopped in for some OJ and decided to get just one little hashbrown ... but the clerk informed me that instead of paying $0.80 for one, I could get two for $1. Ugh. I cracked. I'm only human. A human addicted to McDonalds hashbrowns. Ha
shbrowns that are flavored with something containing both gluten and dairy.

By Wednesday, guess what? Beautiful dermatitis herpetiformis ... everywhere. First my arms, then my butt cheek, then my legs, my shoulder. Ugh. Yuck. But! I did it to myself. I won't start complaining here. The purpose of this story is to say that prior to this most recent break out, I hadn't given one single thought to my now itchless, bumpless skin. I mean, I've been thankful for my non-irritated stomach, my regular, painless bowel movements, my lack of brain fog, my sustained energy
and even my more balanced mood, but I haven't given one thought to my beautiful, not-inflamed skin. I had been to consumed with monitoring my intolerances and bodily functions that I hadn't taken the time to enjoy the health of my skin.

So, take this post as a reminder to notice and enjoy your health. Give thanks for even one symptom being relieved because we all know that it could be worse!




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