Only You, Fellow Food Intolerant People ...

.. will understand!

So, I was at Costco over the weekend stocking up on canned goods when I decided to go down the spice/baking aisle, just to see what spices they had. I do that from time to time ... how else would I have found my gargantuan container of my beloved Old Bay?! :D

Anyway, I came across a very large bottle of Kirklands (Costco's brand) Bourbon Vanilla Extract (a pint, I think?) for only $6. Whoa! I thought that was a pretty good price (I usually pay around $3 for my small McCormicks bottle). I thought about getting it, but then I figured that it probably wasn't gluten free, and if it was, how would I know since it's usually not labeled. But, I picked it up anyway and turned it around - and you know what? It WAS labeled as Gluten Free! Get out, right! I was SO excited, I called my Hubby and was telling him, but he was just like, "Oh, that's good." He just didn't*really* get it! But I know you guys do!

It looks like people are becoming more and more aware of gluten! :D



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