Heinz Ketchup

I remember a few months after I went GDSYWP-free, Hubby and I went to a gluten-free day at my local Roots Market. They had several vendors there giving out free samples and coupons. It was nice to speak with (fairly) educated people about gluten-free foods and we even discovered some new favorite foods. One funny thing happened, though. I was browsing one of the aisles and Hubby called me over to one of the sample booths. He was so excited that one of the vendors was serving french fries with ketchup. His eyes were all wide as he explained to me that this ketchup was gluten free! I ate it, kind of giggled to myself and told him that it was great and all, but good 'ol regular Heinz is gluten free too ... much to the chagrin of the vendor as several people were around at the time. I won't mention the brand name, I really do like that company and the ketchup really tasted fine, but was a bit on the expensive end. Why go to a special store and pay more for an item that I can easily and cheaply find at my regular grocery store, ya know?

So, if you've been buying special, more expensive gluten-free ketchup - there's no need! Plain 'ol, grew-up-with-it Heinz ketchup is gluten-free too! :D



dana aka Gluten Free In Cleveland said...


I just happened upon your blog and I wanted to say how cool and inspiring that you're intolerant to so very many foods but are determined to make great food anyway.

For some of us, it seems the food intolerance is a cooking inspiration in itself, huh?

Anyway, I just wanted to say I think your site is very nice! Keep it up!

Clara said...

Oh, Dana, I SO agree! I NEVER cooked like this before my intolerances, and I only baked from a box! It's amazing what we can do if we're determined! :D


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