Big Changes

I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA lately.  This have been CRAZY around here.  There's big changes in the future.

The big news is that we're moving to San Diego!  It's something that's been a possibility for quite some time now but nothing was official May 1st and since then, things are moving FAST.  We need to be out there by June 21st so we're trying to get everything lined up and set.  It's still just stressful at the moment so I haven't really had much time to get excited about it.  Plus, having spent most of my life on the East coast, I'm pretty nervous about living on the West coast.  Earthquakes, coastal breezes and lack of water have never been an issue for me.  The East coast is blessed with plentiful (sometimes all too plentiful!) water, beautiful, thick grass and trees and solid, firm ground.  Hubby, however, was born-and-raised in San Diego so he's helping me adjust and it's great that he already knows the area.  We've visited quite a bit over the years and I have a few favorite spots of my own so I take comfort knowing that I'll get to enjoy them whenever I want.  We went out there last week for a house hunting trip and found a bright, spacious condo that even had a garage - it's tandem which was a new thing to me (but apparently pretty common on the West coast) but I'm loving the storage potential! 

Anyway, posts will still be trickling in slowly for a while and will hopefully pick up as I get settled.  The blog will see some big changes too as I take out the metro-DC content and add in new San Diego stuff.  I hope you all will keep tuned in through all the changes!  :)




marylandceliac said...

Oh Clara! I will miss you, my fellow local gf Examiner. Even though we never met, I feel like I know you. Best of luck with the move and I am sure some gf twitter buddies can help you with life in San Diego. I went to San Diego once years ago before gf. The zoo is awesome!

Debbie said...

Hey you're moving closer to me, I'm in Northern CA, but travel to SD a lot. Can't wait to see your new post on your new area!

Clara Ogren said...

Sandra - I totally agree! I feel like I know you too! :) I'll be back in 3 years though so I'll be around again soon enough! :)

Debbie - Thank you! I know San Diego will have tons for me to write about, so I'm quite excited! :)


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