Faux Soy Sauce: Chickpea Miso Tamari

The chickpea miso tamari offered by the South River Miso Company offers the soy intolerant an exciting opportunity. Living soy free makes enjoying Asian cuisine a real challege. Although there are several other prepared Asian sauces that one can use, none the distinct flavor (which the Japanese call "umami") or versatility of soy sauce. However, chickpea miso tamari has a very similar flavor to soy sauce and is just as versitile.

According to their website,

In Japanese, tamari means "little puddle" and refers to the savory liquid that collects in a vat of miso. Our genuine tamari is similar to its cousin, soy sauce, but much sweeter and lighter in taste. Friends who buy directly from our shop come back year after year, declaring that there is no seasoning comparable to South River Miso Tamari. Gathered from the vats of chickpea miso -- Made from deep well water, organic brown rice, organic chickpeas, sun-dried sea salt, organic sea vegetables, and koji culture. Aged in wood for a minimum of 3 months.

As this tamari takes so long to make and is only made in small amount, this sauce is often very limited. If you are interested in this sauce, please order as soon as possible. The South River Miso Company tries to ensure that there is enough to go around by rationing everyone to only one or two bottles per order. So if you're interested in trying some, be sure to order soon!

While both the words miso and tamari typically mean soy, the South River Miso Company uses chickpeas instead of soybeans to make a naturally soy free miso paste. They also make two additional soy free miso pastes - one from azuki beans and one from chickpeas and barley (though this flavor is not gluten free).



Katherine Watier said...

Thanks for this suggestion! I've been looking for a soy free soy sauce alternative. My Indonesian boyfriend will be dying to try this to cook me some modified dishes...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you post! We've been looking for a sub for soy sauce forever!
It looks like this company is now making a chickpea miso that is gluten and soy free (no barley)http://www.southrivermiso.com/store/p/4-Chickpea-Miso.html

Anonymous said...

I just came across this one: http://www.soyfreesauce.com

Kim said...

I LOVE THIS STUFF! I've been using their soy free tamari for about a year and half. They used to have an azuki tamari that was just to die for. South River Miso is amazing! I rave about them on my blog all the time. :) I love everything about their company! You should try buying their koji culture and making their own amazake - I have a recipe for it on my blog. So good! -Kim | www.affairsofliving.com


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