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"As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself." ~ Adelle Davis

This is SO true. Especially for us food-intolerant/allergic people. We have to make the choice, one day at a time, everyday, to build health or produce disease in ourselves. We can eat safe, healthy foods and live well, or we can choose to eat unsafe, unhealthy foods and end up producing disease in our bodies.

I often think about the first 24.5 years of my life spent eating all the wrong things, being in constant pain and discomfort, just generally being unwell. In nearly a year, I've learned more about my food than I ever knew in the first 24.5 and I am so much more aware of my body now - I what I put in it, how it reacts, my energy level ... all of it.

I know I am better without gluten, dairy, soy, walnuts, yeast and pork. I know that though I may crave those foods and still taste them in my mind, that they are poison to my body. So, I make the choice, the commitment - everyday - one day at a time - to be healthy.




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