Amy's Releases New Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free Products!

On their website, Amy's announced recently that they will be rolling out several new products.  As usual, all of Amy's products are all-natural and many of them also cater to special diets.  There are many people who, in addition to gluten free, are also dairy free and some are also soy free (either completely soy free or only soy protein free).  Amy's has addressed these diets in several of their new offerings.

Gluten and soy free:
Summer corn and vegetable soup

Gluten and dairy free:
Gluten free chocolate cake

Gluten, dairy and soy free:
Rice Macaroni with non-dairy cheeze (too bad this contains yeast! :( )
Single serve rice crust roasted vegetable pizza (this is only soy protein free as it contains soy lecithin; contains yeast)
Roasted vegetable tamale (with a side of black beans)
Hearty spanish rice and red bean soup
Curried lentil soup
Tomato basil pasta sauce (which also is light in sodium)
Southwestern black bean chili

So far, I have tried the Roasted Vegetable Tamale.  It was delish!  A bit small for me (I like a big lunch), but I just paired it with a large salad and was in hog-heaven!  Yum!  I will definitely be on the look-out for the other GDSYWP-free products that I can have - especially that Hearty Spanish Rice and Red Bean Soup, that just sounds amazing to me!  :)



Sarah said...

There are some really good recipes here. There is another site that carries gluten free foods and allergy free foods called They only have low prices, and great products. They also have recipes and information for the allerdy free diet plan. Check them out and be amazed!


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